Weekend Filled with Music at Cleveland Concert Grounds

Four major concerts are about to happen in Cleveland, Ohio over the weekend.  Definitely, your weekend will never be the same again after watching not just one but four major concerts.

Four of the biggest stars in the concert scene will be performing live at the Cleveland Center stage over the weekend.

Let’s take a look at who are coming over for a great entertainment satisfaction.

Starting off on May 12, Jason Aldean will grace the weekend concert at the Blossom Field. Aldean never misses out to include Cleveland in his concert tours.

It will be the first concert in Blossom during the summer.  The crowd will surely enjoy the hits of Aldean from his new album “They don’t know” and “Lights come on.”

  • Overcoats /Yoke Lore

Next in line are the Overcoats/Yoke Lore band who will be performing at Beachland Tavern.

Overcoats are the product of a cross-genre talent. The Brooklyn-based duo blended a mixed of classical folk, pop, some soul and electronic music into a very danceable type of music.

The audience will truly enjoy the rhythm of the Overcoats. Catch them live tonight at Beachland Tavern.

  • Ronnie Baker Brooks/ Sonny Moorman Group

Performing live tonight at the Music Box Supper Club is Singer-guitarist Ronnie Baker Brooks who have recently released his new single Times have Changed.  It is the first-ever single of Brooks for over a decade.

Brooks started working in 2010 but it was only after collaborating with Steve Jordan that his career made a big boost after giving him a thorough guidance for the project he is doing that time.

Their partnership earned success and let Brooks feel easy and comfortable and confident with his own style of music and performance.

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers/Iron Tom/ Jack Iron

This veteran rock icon is on a concert tour for this year.  Unfortunately, Cleveland wasn’t on their concert list. It was only late last year that the group made some changes and announced that they will be having new concert itinerary.  

It is a big surprise that finally in the new list, it includes the concert in Quicken Loans Arena which is happening tonight.

This concert is in support of their 11th album, “The Getaway.”  The crowd anticipates that the group will still perform their hit classics like “Catholic School Girls Rule,” and “No Chump Love Sucker” to name a few.

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